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  • 投稿者:田本四郎
  • 投稿日:2009年11月25日(水)16時04分47秒

Most of people work, rmt-qa either for money or for others. We all expect an ideal job which is perfect for us. To get our desired job, rmt-news we have been preparing for 20 years, 30years… When we were still young at school, we were told by our parents to study hard for a good job in the news-rmt future
Thus A good job became our mission since we reached the age of discretion. What defines a good job? With a good salary? What results from a good job? Good house? Beautiful cars? Decent clothes? Healthy and tasty goods? Sounds pleasant? Many people fantasize about BMW, BENZ and other luxury goods. Yet, recently, i find, it’s true that money doesn’t result in happiness. Rich bosses are not happy, officials with good pays are not happy, even scientists are not happy rmt777 .

My former boss owns BMW, a big and luxurious house, a beautiful wife, yet he always in his office worked late into night and showed up early in the morning the next day. He is rich, very rich, definitely, he rolls in money every day, yet he leads a life that I don’t expect. So little spare time, so much business to busy with, of course considerable pressure. Everyone has different opinions toward this phenomena. Maybe the boss love to run round in circles. Personally, if I were him, I’d kill myself as soon as r--m--t possible

A good job, from my view, can guarantee one with lots of free time. How nice it would be that we can work while touring around the world. Maybe being a writer can realize this fancy. Writing after amusing himself with excellent sceneries,arcadiasaga-rmt enjoyable and pleasant… stay when he wants to stay, leave when he wants to leave, write whatever whenever he’s willing to…

Bosses are wealthy, but they work their tail off for money, they struggle from a young age, after suffering coutless difficulties and miseries, big or small, finally they succeed yet they find they are not young any more… Of course, there do exist some bosses who inherit riches from their fathers and ancestors, then they are only swabbers who live to eat c9-rmt .

Being my own boss is my dream, however, it’s not necessary to be a very rich boss. What I need is much more free time. Work when I’m willing to… Work or not ? It’s totally up to me, none of anyone else’s business. Where to work? I choose it! When to travel around? I decide it! Yeah! That’s what I really want. What a pity it’s only a day dream.

The things I dream about was too unpractical in the society we live.dragonball-rmt I’d better talk about something more realistic .

Work for 6 hours a day,No work on rainy days, Endowed with more leeway, Boss not in the office, A gym in the office for workout when the employees feel muscle strained or when they feel to reenergized, A free cafeteria for workers to pick whatever they would like to eat or drink, Working with pleasant music on…so much so many that I can’t list them rmt all…

What about you, dear friends? rmt Are you satisfied with your jobs? ffxiv-rmt What kinds of job or working environment are you looking forward to or dreaming about rmt-cc ?

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